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About oOb Publishers

Want To Know About oOb Publishers?

Hi, my name is Don Johnson – Editor of oObPublishers.com. I started into Internet Marketing back in 1997 but took a long vacation away from it to follow my passion in real estate (you can find out about my brokerage MORE Realty Services Here). I returned to a whole different internet marketplace and lots of changes in technology, of which much I was using the entire time for real estate.

When returning what I have found though was so many “cowboys” have jumped into internet marketing and have seemingly all concentrated their efforts on one primary source, the new guy! This can be a dangerous thing since there is always a limited pool and that means the sharks swim in shallow waters when food is tight.

I saw a real need after signing up for a newsletter and then getting pounded by a hundred emails that came from some place other than where I signed up in the first place. I have literally gone through over 20,000 emails worth of what can be described of pure and utter bullshit. Every one of them has the next “push button software” guaranteed to make you rich over night (Read our Terms Of Use Here – we spell out we don’t sell get rich quick) for just a magic number of some dollar amount ending in a Seven (7) – to be fair the number Seven is a good number because it denotes “good luck” and I do use it as well, I just don’t tell you that getting rich is the end result of using the products I sell.

That’s why I started oOb Publishers – Outside Of The Box (OOB) Publishers. Because instead of you chasing after every get rich software peddlers load of bull, we will present to our readers and members true, honest and accurate information along with FREE products so you’re not spending a ton of money on things that may or may not work. By the way, the hook is this – if you order their bad stuff chances are good you’ll never return it and ask for a refund and that is why they keep peddling it, along with the fact that is always a new guy around the corner. (Ladies please excuse me for saying guy – I mean that in a non-gender specific manner though because the truth is there are a whole lot of female IM’s out there today).

Here’s the deal, whether you join as a member of my services or not is okay, you can wander off and be lost in cyber space for the next several years, your choice. I had the fortune of being able to spend 2011 learning all there was and to be able to put into place my new member site to benefit those wanting a true chance for a one time low investment for a complete package. I have just TWO membership levels unlike a lot of these guys. FREE & VIP FOR LIFE. That’s it! The Free membership is limited to what I post and the free online video training courses. That in an of itself will be valuable just because it wills ave you time and money, plus you can still buy products to sell at super low prices (some products dictate a certain price or structure and in order to sell them I must adhere tot he authors resell rights protocol).

The VIP LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP is just that, lifetime! You will get access to over $50,000 worth of products in my inventory, plus you will have access to the new products I add and most importantly, rather than scouring the internet and signing up for a bunch of bogus claims, wasting hundreds of hours reading worthless, mindless sales dribble you will be able to instead focus on building your business.

Here’s something else I include that no one else does, although some include a website with hosting, it is their website duplicated and if it is theirs there’s a good chance it has back-links to their products or services, or has their affiliate codes hidden in links. Yeah that was disturbing to me when I found that one out! I am going to give you FREE hosting services for your blog/sales page for life as well!

You will need to purchase your own Domain Name, I recommend from Godaddy because they are the absolute largest company of their kind and the leaders when it comes to service – there’s a banner box somewhere on this page, yes I am an affiliate and once you get your domain you can be an affiliate of theirs as well – FREE of charge! Be sure to pick a good name, one you can live with and personally I prefer non-specific names – in other words not niche’ names, i.e. golfersdigest, etc. The reason being is that with your hosted account with me you can have Unlimited Sub-Domains. What is a sub-domain? It would be a name that looks like: golfersdigest.oobpublishers.com … Notice the Dot (.) between the words, that’s what creates the SUB part of the domain, hence SUB-domain. See, I don’t need to buy that separate domain name, I can use it with my own. Imagine how much it would cost to buy, update and maintain 50-100 Domain Names … Yeah, crazy time and dough!

Well, I don’t want to continue here talking about me and what I’m doing, suffice it to say as a licensed real estate broker I am use to living within the bounds of rules and fair play and I must disclose and be transparent in my business dealings, and frankly ethics and integrity are too important to me to waste it on a few hundred bucks, especially when I can sell a home and make anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand for an apartment complex. See I had kidney failure several years back so I am looking to reduce the stress load in my life and to live the rest of it in a manner in which it doesn’t require me to be “face-to-face” with the client in order to make a buck. In IM I can offer a video instead, or write a sales page, or give online conference lessons. So if my new kidney fails (I had a transplant in 2010) and I have to go back on dialysis I can still earn my way through life.

Go ahead and feel free to browse our site, visit my other site where the actual membership is hosted – IMWordpress.com and if you decide to be a VIP Member For Life I would love to have you onboard, but if you want to just use our FREE online training resources, have at it, I want you to learn and invite your friends. Thank you for your time and enjoy your visit, be sure to bookmark this site so you can re-visit us often.

Yours In Success,
Don Johnson – Editor



Don Johnson – Editor
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