What Are The Cpanel Logs?

Will I need To Use Them?

For cPanel version 11.32
The information here describes features contained in the Logs section of the cPanel interface. These features include error logs, information about bandwidth usage, and access to high powered statistical analysis software. The following documents describe the features in the cPanel Logs area.

Quickly stated, Cpanel logs are simply logs that help you to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of your domain being hosted. It will become apparent just how handy they are when you start to look at each type of log below by clicking on it’s link.

  • Latest Visitors: This feature that displays information about the last 300 people to visit your site.
  • Bandwidth: This feature allows you to see how your bandwidth is being used.
  • Logaholic: You can learn more about the Logaholic feature here. Logaholic is a web analytics program that delivers information about your website’s traffic, keywords, and content.
  • Webalizer: Here, you can learn more about the Webalizer feature. Webalizer compiles and analyzes information about your web traffic.
  • Webalizer FTP: Here, you can learn more about the Webalizer FTP feature. Webalizer FTP compiles and analyzes information about your FTP server.
  • AWStats: You can learn about AWStats here. This feature allows you to access web statistics processed by AWStats.
  • Raw Access Logs: This feature allows you to see what content has been accessed on your website.
  • Analog Stats: Here, you can learn about the Analog Stats feature. This feature allows you to analyze website traffic.
  • Error Log: This feature displays the last 300 errors encountered by your website.
  • Choose Log Programs: This feature allows you to choose what statistical analysis programs you wish to use.
  • Source Data From docs.Cpanel.net

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