What Are The Security Features?

Will I Need To Use Them?

For cPanel version 11.32
Here, you can find information about the features contained within the Security section of the cPanel interface. Some of these features include shell access, leech protection, hot link protection, and more. The following documents describe the features of the cPanel Security box.

Password Protect Directories: This feature allows you to restrict access to certain parts of your website.

IP Deny Manager: This feature is capable of blocking a single IP address or a range of IP addresses.

SSL/TLS Manager: This feature allows you to manage SSL/TLS keys, certificates, and signing requests. These features are intended to make your website more secure.

SSH/Shell Access: These features allow you to connect to your server remotely.

HotLink Protection: These features allow you to prevent other websites from stealing bandwidth.

Leech Protect: These features allow you to prevent users from sharing passwords publicly.

Add a GnuPG Key: These features allow create and manage GnuPG keys, that use the “public key approach” to encryption.

Hackers love high traffic websites. Secure it or be sorry.

Source Data From docs.Cpanel.net

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