What Is Webmail & Autoresponders?

Will I Need To Use Them?

For cPanel version 11.32
Here, you can find information about the features in the Mail section of the cPanel interface. This includes adding and managing email addresses, filters, spam blocking features, and more.

Email Accounts: Here, you can find information about adding and managing email accounts.

Webmail: Webmail allows you to access you email through a web browser.

BoxTrapper: The BoxTrapper feature allows you to block unwanted email. You can learn more about how to use and configure it here.

SpamAssassin™: SpamAssassin allows you to block unwanted email. You can learn more about how to use and configure SpamAssassin here.

Forwarders: Forwarders allow you to forward incoming email from one address to another.

Auto Responders: AutoResponders allow you to send a message in response to incoming email automatically.

Default Address: Default addresses catch misdirected email sent to your domain.

Mailing Lists: Mailing lists allow you to send an email message to multiple addresses by specifying a single address.

User Level Filtering: User level filters allow you to create mail filters for a specific address.

Account Level Filtering: Account level filters allow you to create mail filters for your domain’s main email account.

Email Trace: This feature allows you to review details about email delivery attempts for your account.

Import Addresses/Forwarders: This feature lets you create multiple email accounts, or forwarders, at once by uploading a list of usernames.

Email Authentication: This set of features allows you to make your mail server more secure.

MX Entry: You can learn about adding and manging MX entries here.

Additional Login Methods: This document explains how to log directly into your sent and spam email folders.

Cpanel offers a great alternative to paid for mail services. It will take some time to learn it completely and if you inest in the security measures it should serve you well.

Source Data From docs.Cpanel.net

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