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Earnings Disclaimer

How Much Will You Make?

Oobpublishers.com does NOT make any claim as to your earnings potential online, offline or anywhere. How can we? Earnings will always depend on YOU!

We Value Your Patronage!

We want you as a customer for life, but we aren’t about to sell you the rights to the Taj Mahal and deliver a picture of it. Can you make money online? In short … not if you just buy stuff and do nothing with it and not if you dream big and do little!

Will This Product Sell?

Again, that depends entirely on you and whether or not you promote it in a way that people would want to buy it from you. If you bought it from us, then the answer would have to be yes it sells, but then we promoted it to get you here!

Can I be an online Guru? NO! We don’t believe in over-hyped name plates.

Can I get a refund and keep the product? It depends on the product and the rights we have given. Because we are dealing with digital products once downloaded it is almost impossible for us to stop you from using the item you purchased. If you feel what you bought isn’t worth the amount you paid … then by all means keep it, but then I have to ask, WHY would you want to keep it if you didn’t think it delivered what you expected? We’re honest and will deliver on our word, we want everyone to win and will first offer you a replacement product, or additional bonus gift, but we expect honesty from your relationship as well.

Our Commitment To You

Connect with us and let us know how we can help you. Maybe the video’s, software or PDF your purchased only covered some of your questions and you had others, or just need something else explained. Our goal isn’t to get your money and run, no way, that’s a stupid business plan. We want your business, as stated before, for life. I WILL OVER DELIVER AND UNDERCHARGE EVERY TIME!

How To Contact Us

Should you have other questions or concerns about this disclaimer:


Don Johnson – Editor
5832 Auvers Blvd
Unit 107
Orlando, FL. 32807
(407) 610-1117

Yours In Success,
Don Johnson – Editor